The XL Difference


Why XL Specialized Trailers?

Look around you: every building, every road, and every bridge needed equipment and materials for its construction.

Every wind tower and every oil rig was put there by someone; every container of food on your grocery store shelf was carried there from our farmers’ fields. Our company exists to move the things that build and sustain our world. At XL, we are passionate participants in the progress that is happening all around us. We build the trailer that keeps America moving!

Our XL Roadmap keeps us all pointed in the same direction; XL’s Core Values guide us forward with the right behaviors; and XL’s Selling Features combine to create our unique Value Proposition.

XL Roadmap & Core Values

Our business was founded on a history of hard work, fair dealings, and listening to our customers and team members. We believe our growth is assured by honoring these traditions, and by establishing these core values to guide us forward.

Winning Culture

We insist on integrity, honesty, respect and ethical behavior. We take pride in our team's diverse talent and work to build trusting relationships that allow each and every team member to succeed. Through collaboration and teamwork, we strive to make XL a great place to work!

Passionate People

We are empowered—every idea counts and every team member has a voice. Our employees are XL's most valuable asset and our passion is evident in our ability to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals. We take ownership of our work and consistently perform at high levels. We learn from our mistakes and take time to celebrate our successes. Our strength comes from being part of something greater than ourselves.

Valued Customer

We aim to delight our customers by responding to their needs and by building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. We know our success is only possible through increasing our customers' productivity and profitability; ensuring their success as well. We are committed to serving our customers by delivering innovative, high-quality products and a premier customer experience—before, during and after sale.

Engaged Leadership

We lead by example, demonstrating our values at all times. We hold each other and ourselves accountable for achieving the results our customers and stakeholders expect. We listen to and encourage one another; taking pride in our growth and accomplishments as a team. We set a model of 'servant leadership' within our company. We believe that by following these guiding principles our company will remain the innovation leader in the heavy-haul transportation industry. Above all, we believe that through our collective talents, efforts and products, XL can make a meaningful difference in our community & country.

Continuous Improvement

In all we do, we use a 'growth-mindset' to develop solutions to problems. We are always working to improve—from our processes and products to our talent development and business relationships. We eliminate the 'blame-game' by fixing processes. We are receptive to constructive feedback and use it as a learning opportunity. To maintain improvement gains, we employ 'standard operating procedures' ensuring that everything is done with a process and all improvements are sustained and repeatable.

XL Selling Features

Premier Customer Experience

We pride ourselves in making every customer interaction a positive and professional experience. We stand behind our products and will be helpful at the start, through the order process, and after sale. Our expert outside sales team, with over 100 years of experience, represents our diverse product portfolio supporting every need and niche in the heavy haul markets.

Custom Engineering

With over one hundred years of heavy haul trailer design experience, XL's engineering team is one of the best in the industry. We often hear from our customers, "XL will do what the other guys won't." Through the voice of our customers, XL's New Product Development team is always pushing the envelope, striving to improve our product portfolio, and bringing new and innovative products to market.


XL has a market leading warranty; five years on construction, three years on paint quality, and one year on trailer components. Our trailers stand the test of time. As our market share grows, and our customers continue to come back to XL for repeat business—it is our quality and durability of product that continues to make the difference.

Mix | XL Culture & Brand

We have an empowered, team-work culture at XL. We strive to be the Employer-of-Choice in our regional area and ensure for a safe working environment. As we take care of our XL team members, they in turn, take good care of our customers. XL has been in the heavy haul trailer business for nearly 30 years. You can trust that we know what we're doing! XL's strong brand name is supported by our culture of collaboration, continuous improvement, engineering innovation, and hard-working, artisan craftsmanship.

We are america's Custom Trailer Experts.