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XL offers Steer Dollies in many configurations—the most popular is the 6-Axle Steer Dolly. Between the axles is a large 34″ x 94″ loading platform which pivots and prompts the axles to steer. With a 140° total load platform travel (70° travel in each direction) and progressive steering axles, the XL Steer Dolly maneuvers long loads with ease. Get around tight obstacles using the manual override, which allows for use of a remote to steer the axles when needed.

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Steerable Axles

  • Many steerable axle options to choose from
  • Manual override to get around obstacles using a remote
  • Load-actuating progressive axle steering; each axle steers different amounts for ideal turning

Highly Customizable

  • The XL team custom-designs dollies and dolly systems for custom applications
  • Use a dolly to mount other equipment on for a complete custom-hauling system
  • Use a Dolly Jeep or Schnabel in combination with a dolly for moving extra-long loads
XL has a complete dolly line. The XL Dolly is a popular addition to commercial transportation fleets across the United States. Hydraulic steering with manual override allows for adjustable usage. It is able to carry long, self-supporting loads. These trailers are popular with three, four, or six-axle set-ups. The XL Dolly’s many useful advantages make it extremely versatile and customized to fit your job.

Featured Models

6-Axle Steer Dolly

  • Front and rear axle groups with 34-inch x 96-inch load platform in the center
  • 38-inch load platform height for taller loads
  • Load platform pivots and prompts the axles to steer

Dolly Jeep

  • Load platform
  • Low-profile hydraulic detachable gooseneck standard
  • Hydraulic hatbox raises the load platform to accommodate varying load requirements

Build your custom XL Dolly Systems Trailer

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We offer a wide range of options so you can customize your trailer to best serve your unique needs.

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XL Dolly Systems


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