XL Hydraulic Folding Gooseneck

Hydraulic Folding Goosenecks have hydraulic cylinders that connect the trailer structure and the gooseneck. Powered with a wet kit from your truck or a self-contained hydraulic motor, these cylinders enable the front of the gooseneck to fold down at the hinge points, creating a front loading ramp.

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Easy Front-Loading

  • Hinged gooseneck folds down to create a seven-degree load angle
  • Gooesneck adjusts to uneven terrain when folded down

Strong Main Deck

  • Perimeter frame design
  • G-channel crossmembers every 18 inches
  • Removable swingout outriggers extend width of loading surface

Haul Inoperable Equipment, Railbeds & Containers

  • Low load angle at front
  • Optional winch at rear
  • Self-contained power unit is tucked away from damage in the wheel area or main deck
The XL Hydraulic Folding Gooseneck offers users a solution for hauling large, heavy equipment that requires heavy-duty ramps to load. XL Specialized Trailers designed this HFG with the heaviest construction equipment in mind. Multiple king pin settings are available to achieve proper load distribution, which makes it extremely versatile and compatible with almost any tractor or truck. Each component is engineered to make loading as easy as possible.

Featured Models

100 HFG

100,000 lbs Overall Capacity

100,000 lbs in 10' Concentrated Capacity

  • 100,000 pounds distributed capacity
  • 26-foot main deck length
  • Exceptionally strong deck for a variety of loads

Build your custom XL Hydraulic Folding Gooseneck Trailer

Specialized Applications

Specialty trailer models designed for hauling distinctive loads

XL 80 HFG: Railroad Special

80,000 lbs Overall Capacity

80,000 lbs in 12' Concentrated Capacity

  • 57-inch gauge rail (submerged in gooseneck and deck)
  • 8-foot pin on aluminum gooseneck ramps with bolt-on steel tips
  • Highly customizable to your needs

Trailer Options

We offer a wide range of options so you can customize your trailer to best serve your unique needs.

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XL Hydraulic Folding Gooseneck


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