New XL Guardian Trailer: Road Ready

From XL Specialized Trailers, the leading manufacturer of heavy haul and specialized trailers, comes the XL Guardian — a low-profile, hydraulic detachable gooseneck stock trailer that makes light work out of heavy loads.

Get Rolling

The Guardian stands 53 feet long with a capacity rating of 110,000 pounds in 12 feet concentrated and is ready when you need it.

Room to Breathe

The low-profile gooseneck design offers notable weight savings and clearance space, while the hydraulic attachment makes loading and unloading on the main deck fast and efficient.

Heavy Duty

The most robust main deck on the market features a fully welded I-beam design using 100k flanges and 80k webs, as well as standard upper-flange reinforcement.  Heavy-duty swing-out outriggers add 12 inches of deck width on each side for flexibility in the size of loads. The outriggers swing to the middle of the deck, making a strong double-outrigger point in the center of the deck where it is needed most. A heavy-duty front pull-out outrigger eliminates the need to stow and carry loose outriggers.

Versatile Hauling

Two removable kingpin settings allow for greater flexibility across various truck setups, while the wheel area offers a range of axle set-up options. The Guardian, a 3-axle trailer, can be run by itself, with an added flip axle, a spreader bar and flip, a single-axle power booster or a hydraulic flip axle.

Peace of Mind

The Guardian comes with XL’s full 5-year structural, 3-year paint and 1-year parts warranty.