The XL Knight 80 MFG

  • Check out XL’s NEW Knight 80 MFG, AVAILABLE NOW at a dealer near you
  • Versatile hauling capabilities
  • MicroNova clearance lights throughout
  • 48’ long overall, 29’ long main deck
  • New style raise & lower valve
  • Front connection plate with three height settings

The XL Knight 80 MFG is XL’s new product in a series of stock-style trailers, allowing XL to ramp up their production of popular models to meet market demand. Customers benefit from an improved, competitive spec, and availability. Knights are available now on dealers’ lots.

The XL Knight 80 MFG offers many new standard features. The detachable gooseneck features front connection plates with three height settings for added adaptability over various terrains. The front of the main deck can go up or down one and a half inches, for a total of a three-inch variance. The raise and lower valve in the rear allows for an adjustment of one and half inches. The Colas-plus raise and lower valve is especially customer-friendly with its large and durable handle.

The Knight trailer has improved aesthetics with an aluminum logo decal at the front and MicroNova clearance lights. A battery backup with a four-way plug enables the lights to stay on even when the trailer is disconnected from the truck. Swingout outriggers can be added to the main deck for hauling over-width loads. A two-foot by two-foot cutout in the rear transition provides additional space for equipment such as draw bars on tractors. The two-axle wheel area is prepped to accommodate a third axle if needed.