Non-rolling Load Bunk

The 24-inch loading platform is positionable on any part of the main beam. It is put into place with a forklift.

Rolling Load Bunk

A 24-inch platform can be placed at any point on the main beam. It rolls into place.

Covered Center Deck

Choosing a covered center deck adds even more versatility. The 1-3/8” Apitong decking is stronger and more resilient than Oak so your deck will hold up to continuous wear.

Open Well

Consider an open center deck for weight savings.

Outrigger Planks

2″ x 10″ Oak outrigger planks fit on top of outriggers to provide more surface area for loads to sit on.

Storage Compartment

A storage compartment in the front of the main deck is a popular option. Keep your chains, straps, and other materials in this handy compartment.