XL Mechanical Gooseneck Trunnion Style

XL’s MG trunnion trailer is 10 foot wide and features a non-expanding rear deck with trunnion axles. The 10-foot-wide model is easy to use and provides additional loading space on the main deck and offers maximum payload potential in the Western US. The MG is popular in a capacity of 100,000 pounds in 16 feet with a 23-foot-long load-bearing main deck, making it a total of 44 feet long.

Custom Trailers

XL Specialized Trailers lives up to its name. Our specialty is customizing products to best serve your unique needs. Our long history of saying “yes, we can do that” has resulted in a full portfolio of custom trailers custom engineered for hauling distinctive loads.

XL Paver Special

XL’s Paver Special is a rigid gooseneck trailer featuring a 26 degree slope from the neck to the main deck. The 34-inch deck height main deck transitions to a wood-filled beaver tail in the rear with bi-fold ramps. Check out the Paver Special for moving paving equipment.

High-Capacity Detachable Gooseneck

A High-Capacity Detachable Gooseneck is a trailer with a detachable gooseneck that can transport over 120,000 pounds. These trailers are typically part of a multi-axle set up, which has other components to scale the weight of the load appropriately.

XL Slide Axle

XL’s Slide Axle trailers feature a hydraulically powered axle assembly, which move the axles up enabling the trailer deck to become a ramp with a low load angle. The winch and roller system at the front combine with the easy to use ramp system to allow users to move hard-to-load equipment onto the robust deck.

XL Power Tail

XL’s Power Tail trailer features the hydraulic folding tail for loading onto the rear. Easily load a variety of equipment or static loads using the winch and ramp. Benefit from XL’s unique user-friendly features such as the self-cleaning traction plate decking and lug-style tail hinge which prevents debris from accumulating.

XL Side Dump

XL’s Side Dump Trailer features a 37-foot long tub, rated at 23 cubic yards water level volume and 33 cubic yards strike off volume for hauling aggregate efficiently. The tub dumps to either side, spec’d to prevent tipping. Rely on a durable XL Side Dump, with a market-leading two-year structural warranty.

XL Lightweight 13 Axle

Use XL’s Lightweight 13 Axle, a multi-axle combination of a Jeep, Mechanical Gooseneck Trailer, and a Booster, to carry wind turbine nacelles. The trailer is rated with a capacity of 170,000 pounds in 10 feet concentrated. It features a 10-foot wide, 30-foot long main deck for secure hauling of the largest loads as well as a detachable wheel area for the addition of deck sections if needed.

XL Blademate

The XL BladeMate provides a specialized solution for hauling wind tower blades. This versatile heavy-haul wind trailer can be adjusted to fit many sizes and brands of blades. The Blademate is available in a four-beam design. All of the telescoping trailer beams, as well as the pullout bumper, use XL’s trusted extendable technology to create a hassle-free extension. Choose from a unique hydraulically operated self-steering system which increases safety and efficiency by automatically keeping the axles in line with the kingpin, or a bump-steer option, both with manual manueverability around obstacles.

XL Towermate

XL’s TowerMate is designed to haul wind turbine towers using a gooseneck and dolly design. The Cheater style hydraulic gooseneck at the front allows maximum flexibility for going over uneven terrain and efficient hooking and unhooking. Mount the front of the tower using our precision-machined mounting plate and telescoping schabel. The self-steering rear dolly features cradles and strapping points for the tower to safely ride.

XL Dolly Systems

XL offers Steer Dollies in many configurations—the most popular is the 6-Axle Steer Dolly. Between the axles is a large 34″ x 94″ loading platform which pivots and prompts the axles to steer. With a 140° total load platform travel (70° travel in each direction) and progressive steering axles, the XL Steer Dolly maneuvers long loads with ease. Get around tight obstacles using the manual override, which allows for use of a remote to steer the axles when needed.

XL Hydraulic Folding Gooseneck

Hydraulic Folding Goosenecks have hydraulic cylinders that connect the trailer structure and the gooseneck. Powered with a wet kit from your truck or a self-contained hydraulic motor, these cylinders enable the front of the gooseneck to fold down at the hinge points, creating a front loading ramp.

XL Mechanical Gooseneck Expandable

XL’s MGX trunnion trailer’s most popular capacity is 100,000 pounds in 16 feet. Coming in at a total of 44 feet long, the MGX offers a 23-foot-long load-bearing main deck. The X in MGX is for ‘Expandable’ – referencing the expandable rear deck. The trailer expands from 8-foot, 6-inches wide to 10-foot wide. This allows users to add the extra width when needed for axle laws and avoid over-width permits when possible.

XL Specialized Step Deck

XL Step Decks are constructed from 100k flange and 80k webs, using XL’s one-piece construction, for superior strength and durability. Deck heights range from 33 inches to 40 inches to fit your needs. Step Decks are available with many ramp options on the rear, from beaver tails to large hydraulic bi-fold ramps.

XL Heavy Duty Flat Deck

XL Specialized Flat Decks are a steel, heavy-duty, flat level deck trailer. This model is used across the US and Canada for hauling a wide range of loads. Easy to use, reliable, and ‘not your average Flat Deck,’ XL Flat Decks are a great option if you are looking for something special.

XL Flat Deck Extendable

XL’s Flat Deck Extendables (FDE) feature a flat deck with no drop and the neck does not detach. This platform trailer extends to 81 feet long standard when fully extended. Constructed from steel, with 100k flange and 80k web, XL’s FDE is a durable option.

XL Step Deck Extendable

XL’s Step Deck Extendables are built for larger capacities – up to 150,000 pounds. This trailer features a single drop-step deck, the neck is fixed to the trailer and does not detach. The main deck extends to accommodate longer loads. Step Deck Extendables can be paired with a Jeep or Booster for additional axles in order to scale heavier loads.

XL Mechanical Detachable Extendable

XL’s Mechanical Detachable Extendables (MDE) are extendable lowboy trailers featuring a mechanical style removable gooseneck. The mechanical detachable gooseneck comes apart from the main deck efficiently, using the truck’s wet kit or a motor to allow loading from the front.

XL Hydraulic Detachable Extendable

XL’s Hydraulic Detachable Extendables (HDE) are extendable lowboy trailers featuring our Classic Hydraulic Gooseneck. This commercial style gooseneck is robust and versatile, offering seven ride height positions. The HDE comes with a decked over wheel area for additional storage space. The hydraulic detachable gooseneck comes apart from the main deck efficiently, using the truck’s wet kit or a motor to allow loading from the front.

Fixed-Neck Double Drop

XL’s Double Drop trailers, also known as the Fixed Neck Double Drop, feature a dropped down main deck offering lower deck heights. XL also offers a Double Drop trailer with a detachable gooseneck, check out the XL Mechanical Full-width Gooseneck.

XL Mechanical Full-width Gooseneck

XL’s Mechanical Full-Width Gooseneck trailer is a double drop lowboy featuring a mechanical style detachable gooseneck. Popular for hauling agricultural equipment and commercial loads, this trailer is spec’d to the max.

XL Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck

Offering a seven position variable ride height for extra versatility along with a wide and strong hydraulic neck to offer increased stability for high center of gravity loads, the Classic Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck is a robust option often used in commercial applications.

XL Low-Profile Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck

XL’s Low-Profile Hydraulic Detachable Goosenecks feature a low-profile design, five position variability in ride heights, and heavy-duty capabilities. There is a relief cut out on the underside of the neck which provides ample room for truck fenders to clear along with easy access to the engine through an access panel. These are the lightest weight hydraulic gooseneck option and are popular for construction style lowboys.