Cam Covers

The cam cover option is the ideal way to protect your cam, and stay away from maintenance costs.

Centrifuge Drums

Centrifuge drums are a lighter weight option versus standard drums.

Dust Shields

XL Dust Shields protect tires from dirt and debris as they travel down the road.


The Hubometer is a handy option to gauge milage on your trailer.

PSI Tire Inlation

PSI Tire Inflation prevents your tires from deflating. They automatically keep the tire inflated at a certian PSI.

Steel Wheels

High-quality Steel Wheels come standard on XL trailers.

TP Axles

No description from the current site.

Aluminum Milled Wheels

Aluminum Milled Wheels provide weight savings, as they are 27 lb lighter than standard steel.

Aluminum Durabright Wheels

Aluminum Durabright Wheels are a light weight option. These rims keep their shine throughout their lifetime. They never need to be polished.