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Lowboy Trailer Review – Henry Bros LLC

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Lowboy Trailer Review

When it comes to job site equipment, a trailer that can adapt to many shapes and sizes is a game changer. Micheal Hulinsky of Henry Bros LLC can attest. After nine months with the XL 120 Hydraulic Gooseneck trailer, Hulinsky couldn’t ask for better results.

Located in Casper, Wyoming, Hulinsky hauls scrapers, dozers, rock beds for mines, and more. The XL 120, which is the largest trailer in the Henry Bros lineup, is packed with the features and versatility that make heavy haul simple. It has a low overall height, plus it can be arranged in different configurations to adjust the weight. Hulinsky also enjoys the gooseneck, which makes the trailer easy to hook and unhook.

“I honestly couldn’t ask for a better trailer for multiple applications,” says Hulinsky. “We are constantly changing configurations and the XL 120 makes my life so much easier when doing this. This is especially true when I’m out in the field. I don’t have to haul a crane out to move my load and can adjust it with the trailer itself.”

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