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Lowboy Trailer Review - When it comes to jobsite equipment, a trailer that can adapt to many shapes and sizes is a game changer. Micheal Hulinsky of Henry Bros LLC can attest. After nine months with the XL 120 Hydraulic Gooseneck trailer, Hulinsky couldn't ask for better results.
XL Specialized Trailers released a newly designed Low-Profile Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck (HDG) trailer to its lineup. The trailer offers a loaded deck height of only 15 inches.
The XL 110 HDE Mini-deck has a capacity rating of 110,000 pounds overall and 100,000 in ten feet when the trailer is closed. With a low and long main deck, XL's Mini-deck Extendable is capable of hauling the most demanding loads in more areas, with fewer permits. The main deck features a loaded deck height of only 14 inches, achieved with a 10-inch beam design.
XL Specialized Trailers designed a solution for hauling longer wind turbine blades, with its new patent-pending BladeMate Flip Extension. The Extension provides significant cost savings to haulers over purchasing a new trailer.
Job story featured in American Cranes & Transportation: The XL Mini-deck trailer helps Daryl D. Gushee save transport time by clearing low infrastructure.
XL Specialized Trailers introduces the lightweight XL 80 Low-Profile Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck (HDG) trailer.
XL Specialized Trailers introduces the XL 120 Low-Profile Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck (HDG), the newest addition to their construction equipment hauling line.
The XL 80 FDE is rated at 80,000 pounds overall and 60,000 pounds concentrated in 10 feet when closed. With an overall width of 102 inches and overall length of 53 feet, the XL 80 FDE features the longest open length on the market at 91 feet when fully extended.
Rated at 140,000 pounds capacity overall, the XL 140 HDE 13-Axle can handle large machinery or commercial freight of all sizes. With its low rear deck height of 28 inches, this trailer can haul freight normally seen on a Step Deck, but with the added efficiency of a hydraulic neck.
XL Specialized Trailers' new XL 60 Mini-Deck lowboy uses an innovative 3-beam design to provide users with ultimate versatility. Featuring a loaded deck height of 12 inches with 4 inches of ground clearance and an empty weight that easily allows scaling to maximum payload.
The XL 110 Low-Profile Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck (HDG) features an 18-inch loaded main deck height and 6-inch ground clearance to help operators meet bridge clearance laws without needing a drop-side or beam deck. This XL 110 Low-Profile HDG offers maximum swing radius, deck length, and axle spacing in a 53-foot long trailer.
XL Specialized Trailers introduces their new aluminum pullout outriggers at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL.