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XL Specialized Trailers Unveils Mini-Deck Extendable Trailer at Mid-America Trucking Show

XL Specialized Trailers unveiled their new Mini-deck Extendable trailer at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky March 28-30. The XL 110 HDE (Hydraulic Detachable Extendable): Mini-deck is one of a kind in the US market.

The XL 110 HDE Mini-deck has a capacity rating of 110,000 pounds overall and 100,000 in ten feet when the trailer is closed. With a low and long main deck, XL’s Mini-deck Extendable is capable of hauling the most demanding loads in more areas, with fewer permits. The main deck features a loaded deck height of only 14 inches, achieved with a 10-inch beam design.

The trailer’s main deck expands from 27 feet to 47 feet using XL’s trusted extendable technology. Heavy-duty greaseable rollers and XL’s patented Extend-a-trac provide a smooth extension. There are extension stops every two feet, enabling multiple lengths. The trailer measures 73 feet overall when fully extended and with a detachable wheel area, the trailer can accept deck inserts to add even more length when necessary. Lining the side beams are bent d-rings, swingout outriggers, and microlights.

The new trailer model utilizes a unique auto-steering system in which the axles automatically rotate to keep the trailer behind the truck at all times; the kingpin rotates and prompts the axles to track with the truck using hydraulic cylinders. A wireless override remote allows drivers to take full control as needed. Auto-steering capabilities are beneficial when moving heavy loads with the deck extended, to minimize the challenges associated with turning an exceptionally long unit.

The 10-foot low-profile hydraulic gooseneck offers a variable ride height, with five position options. The lightweight neck has a relief cut-out design for more clearance on the truck. The hydraulic flip neck extension can be flipped up and down with the push of a lever, cutting down on load/unload time. A single-axle Power Booster accompanies the XL HDE Mini-deck. The booster’s axle can lift up, which is helpful when backing the trailer up.

“The Mini-deck Extendable is a great example of the innovation XL Specialized Trailers is known for,” says XL’s Director of Sales, Matt Schattgen. “Our customers are getting asked to move more challenging loads, so we must strive to provide the best trailers possible to enable them to get the job done.”