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XL Specialized Trailers is Top of Industry for Paint Warranty

MANCHESTER, Iowa (November 2023)XL Specialized Trailers, a market-leading manufacturer of heavy haul and specialized trailers, provides an industry-leading, three-year paint warranty they stand behind. The company is able to provide this because of its investment in new facilities and tools.

XL Specialized Trailers operates with many core values – and continuous improvement is one of them. With that value front and center, the company decided to invest in building new facilities for blasting and painting their trailers to better meet their customers’ needs. The biggest change was having these areas purposefully designed for their respective jobs. For example, the paint area now has a larger, brighter, and cleaner paint booth measuring 80 feet long (20 feet longer than their old booth) and 22 feet wide. These updated facilities contribute to why XL can provide their three-year paint warranty.

The second reason XL can provide their industry-leading warranty is because of their updated tools and processes used inside of the new facilities. A reclamation system is used in the blast area, which increases efficiency and sustainability. A two-component electronic proportioning system – GRACO ProMix 2KS – is used in the painting booth to provide superior finish quality. These two things have allowed the company to increase throughput and maximize quality. Cory Stafford, Director of Operations, states, “Going into our facility expansion project, we knew updating our paint and blast technology was a high priority. I’m proud of where we have come and that we can offer the best paint warranty in the industry.”

XL Specialized Trailers has top-notch facilities and premier tools for blasting and painting their trailers. These changes have contributed to XL’s ability to provide an industry-leading warranty, which is also backed by their paint supplier. Stafford states, “The paint warranty we stand behind is what makes us the best in the industry.”

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XL Specialized Trailers is a subsidiary of Caparo Bull Moose and is a market-leading manufacturer of heavy haul and specialized trailers for the construction, commercial, agricultural, wind energy, oil and gas, and custom-style trailer markets. Founded in 1995, XL has a growing dealer network, a dedicated staff of skilled employees, and a full selection of industry-leading hauling solutions. Every XL trailer is backed with a market-leading warranty to assure the ultimate in customer confidence and satisfaction. Find out more at xlspecializedtrailer.com.

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