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XL Specialized Trailers Completes Dealer Training Sessions

XL Specialized Trailers hosted dealer representatives at their plant in Manchester, Iowa for training sessions the week of September 11th. Specialized lowboys can be complicated pieces of equipment. It is important for distributors to understand what questions to ask the customer and what options are available, in order to get the right trailer for the job.

XL has found hands-on dealer training beneficial, as it helps their dealers learn the capability, functionality, and benefits of each product. Dealers also learn how to spec a custom trailer for their customers.

“XL sells primarily through dealerships across the US and Canada. We decided to use this sales model because we feel it is beneficial for the end-user to have that more personal relationship with a distributor in their area,” says Rodney Crim, Vice President of Sales at XL Specialized Trailers. “Having a place for customers to go see products near them is important.”

This is the fifth year XL has invited dealers to the plant for formal training.  “It is always humbling to have our dealer representatives from extremely diverse backgrounds and locations all meet here in our small Midwest town.” Crim continues, “It becomes a mutual learning experience really. We get feedback to make XL better, and we do our best to help our dealers succeed in their jobs too.”

One of the training attendees, Scott Runnels, a sales representative from Hale Trailer, Brake & Wheel in Delmar, Delaware remarked on his experience. “Awesome training they put on. By far the best I have ever been to. Great bunch of guys and know their stuff….honestly walked out of there having much more confidence in selling the big stuff,” says Runnels.

XL Specialized Trailers plans to continue providing training to their dealer partners in the future.