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XL Specialized Trailers Showcases Commercial Heavy Haul Trailers at the Mid-America Trucking Show

XL Specialized Trailers showcases four versatile specialized trailers at the 2012 Mid-America Trucking Show in booth #16212. Two of these units are built for the commercial market; the XL 70 Mechanical Full-width Gooseneck and the XL 120 Step Deck Extendable.

The XL Mechanical Full-width Gooseneck is used in a variety of applications; available in 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50-ton, with multiple deck lengths. The 35-ton MFG showcased is one of the most popular capacities due to its adaptability. The showcased 70 MFG is 48’ long with a load rating of 70,000 lb. overall. The 29’ long deck boasts an 18” loaded deck height and 6” ground clearance.

The XL 70 MFG’s specialized options enhance its versatility. Double donuts in conjunction with manual ride height allow for multiple deck heights. The innovative aluminum pullout outriggers extend the 8’ 6” wide deck to 13’ for hauling equipment of various widths. With 4,400 lb. capacity per extrusion, the 27” pullout outriggers on 18” centers are ideal for hauling larger tired equipment, and make it just as desirable for the agriculture market. The outrigger tubes have cleanout holes on the bottom, which allow dirt, debris, and water to escape – minimizing maintenance and allowing for easy operator use.

Trusted with the longest, most challenging loads, the 60-ton XL Step Deck Extendable is rated with 120,000 lb. overall capacity and 100,000 lb. in 10’ concentrated closed. The XL 120 SDE with a 33” ground clearance is designed to haul taller equipment as well as longer loads while avoiding permit costs.

XL’s patented Extend-A-Trac is the exclusive feature of the XL SDE, as it allows for extending and retracting the trailer’s deck extension without hooking and unhooking electrical lines. The 41’ long deck extends to 64’4” long, using 6” greaseable rollers which incorporate oil-impregnated bonze bushings for easy extension. The air-operated lock pin features five stops; 2’, 3’. 5’, 5’, 5’ for enhanced length flexibility. Its 60” flip neck is prepped for a jeep, while the rear deck is prepped for a 2-axle booster; making for an ideal multi-axle set-up.

“At XL, we strive to serve each market successfully through a wide variety of models and options,” comments Vice Chairman Scott Wall. “The Mid-America Trucking Show is a great place to showcase some of our unique capabilities for serving the commercial market.”