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XL Specialized Trailers to Exhibit Four Trailers at Mid-America Trucking Show, Including the New XL Bottom Dump Trailer

A market-leading manufacturer of custom-engineered heavy haul trailers, XL Specialized Trailers will showcase the brand new XL Bottom Dump trailer, XL 120 Hydraulic Detachable Extendable (HDE) Multi-Axle trailer, XL 70 Mechanical Detachable Extendable (MDE) trailer, and XL 70 Low-Profile Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck (HDG) trailer at the Mid-America Trucking Show, March 27-29 in booth No. 16212 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky.

XL Bottom Dump Trailer

Ideal for the aggregates industry to haul and dump gravel and other composite material, the XL Bottom Dump trailer has a length of 40 feet with a side height of 9 feet, 2 inches with 10-foot boards. Weighing in at a lightweight of 12,750 pounds that includes a tarp and push-block, the XL Bottom Dump trailer’s capacity is 25 cubic yards.

The upper hopper is 53 inches high with a 96-inch by 193-inch opening, the largest in the industry. The upper hopper is made of 10-gauge steel and is prep for flip and go tarp system. The single lower hopper is 59 inches by 118 inches and is made of ASTM A-572 steel. Both have reinforced side walls for added strength and stability. To maneuver over large piles, an oscillating fifth wheel pivots as needed with an 18-inch kingpin setting.

The XL Bottom Dump trailer will be available in late fall of 2014.

XL 120 HDE Multi-Axle Trailer

The XL 120 HDE Multi-Axle trailer has unmatched versatility and includes patented XL Extend-A-Trac technology as well as an extremely low rear deck design. Rated at 120,000 pounds overall and 100,000 pounds in 10 feet concentrated when closed, the XL 120 HDE is ideal for heavy commercial freight – both long and tall loads.

The main deck has the ability to open to 53 feet, 5 inches using the XL Extend-A-Trac, which allows for extending and retracting the trailer without having to hook and unhook air and electrical lines. The XL Extend-a-Trac includes 6-inch greasable rollers with oil-impregnated bronze bushings making it durable and rugged. The main deck also has a detachable wheel area for adding a deck insert. The rear-loaded deck possesses a 28-inch height and length of 10 feet, 1 inch, enabling the trailer to haul extra tall loads.

For extra versatility, a two-axle jeep, flip axle and two-axle power booster combine to scale out large loads. The power booster offers additional maneuverability, as it is capable of lifting the rear axle completely off the ground. This decreases the turning radius, allowing the trailer to go in reverse and avoid obstacles to get out of rough terrain effectively. Additionally, XL Power Boosters are equipped with a hydraulic system to distribute the load over the axles more evenly.

XL 70 MDE Trailer

Rated at 70,000 pounds and 50,000 pounds in 10-foot concentrated capacity, the trailer features XL Extend-A-Trac technology and greaseable rollers.

Built for hauling extra long loads in the commercial market, the XL 70 MDE offers many new standard features, including a new one-piece track pan design that adds stability to the Extend-A-Trac. XL 70 MDE is also equipped with a double donut front connector plate, providing the user with two different and adjustable deck heights, for even more versatile hauling.

The main deck is 29 feet long and can extend up to 50 feet, 4 inches with an air-operated lock pin that stops on 24-inch centers. The deck also features a 20-inch loaded deck height with a 6-inch ground clearance and a 30-inch long mini deck. A 9-foot-long rear bridge includes a 40-inch loaded deck height, a 66-inch wide bumper in the rear, and frame reinforcement for the flip axle.

XL 70 Low-Profile HDG Trailer

The XL 70 HDG is a lightweight unit with a low-profile full-width neck, aluminum outriggers, and aluminum decking.  Serving the commercial and agricultural industries, the XL 70 HDG includes a hydraulic neck featuring a full-width upper deck as well as a covered rear deck, providing more options to operators with three separate decks to load equipment on.

The XL 70 HDG is rated at 70,000 pounds overall and 60,000 pounds in 16-feet concentrated. The low-profile gooseneck saves weight versus traditional hydraulic necks, while its full-width design length of 10 feet, 6 inches, and 49-inch 5th wheel height adds versatility.

The 29-foot-long main deck has a loaded deck height of 18 inches with a 6-inch ground clearance. 1 and 1/8-inch aluminum decking makes the trailer lighter, allowing it to fit more weight on it without adding a flip axle. Aluminum pullout outriggers on 18-inch centers make the XL 70 HDG ideal for hauling wheeled equipment, as they offer a 4,400-pound capacity per aluminum extrusion and allow the 8-foot, 6-inch wide deck to adjust to 10 feet up to 13 feet wide with a spring lock to keep them in place. The new design features angled corners to prevent damage to tires as equipment is loaded. The rear deck is 9 feet long with a loaded deck height of 40 inches and includes frame reinforcement for a flip axle to distribute the load weight more evenly.

“XL Specialized Trailers has a custom focus with a specialty in getting the customer exactly what they need,” said Steve Fairbanks, President & CEO at XL Specialized Trailers. “We have made several recent improvements to many trailers, including the XL 70 HDG, XL 70 MDE, and XL 120 HDE that will be at the Mid-America Trucking Show, and have beefed up the standard features on our trailers with the customer in mind. MATS is an incredible show and we always look forward to bringing our trailers to it.”